Why management and leadership training is essential

Why management and leadership training is essential

Jo Taylor, Head of Learning at 4Talent

Up-to-date training in management and leadership is essential if individuals and organisations in the media industry are to thrive, according to Jo Taylor.

The head of learning at 4Talent, Channel 4’s media training brand, is passionate about the duty large media corporations have to train people properly.

“If you don’t do it you will disadvantage yourselves because you create a culture that it’s ok to speak to people badly, not manage performance, have bullying,” says Taylor. “We’ve got to say actually you are skilled and you can be successful as a creative and still be a good manager and a good leader. We’ve got to be more honest as an industry.”

Taylor is a member of Skillset’s TV Skills Council which oversees the organisation’s television strategy: “Training is a key priority for the TV Council. I totally believe it’s our responsibility to promote good management and leadership for big companies and as a freelance,” adds Taylor.

It impacts on retention and on your brand, but also economically you benefit because it saves on recruitment

It’s an area that’s traditionally been seen as being owned by HR and finance: “But actually I think it everybody’s responsibility.”

“The media industry is changing at a huge pace and you need to be fleet of foot in terms of representing audiences. You also need to think about the team you have working for you and how you can develop it in terms of skills to deliver what you need to. It impacts on retention and on your brand, but also economically you benefit because it saves on recruitment – you have a highly motivated and skilled workforce.”

Taylor favours holistic training programmes combining several elements and tailored to the needs of the individual. She is keen on coaching and peer support, and believes management skills can be learned.

She cites the example of someone at Channel 4 who inherited a large team after being used to managing just one or two people: “They felt they weren’t equipped to manage 60 people and make that leap from manager to leader.”

She organised a coach who taught personal presence, how to deliver strategy and how to delegate.

“It had a profound effect in terms of the person’s management, both upwards and downwards. The person was able to see the transition they made and was able to push on from there. Training benefits the individual but also the organisation.”

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